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Centuries before the existence of Il Caggio, the ancient Greeks coined a term we refer to today as craftsmanship. The word – τέχνη (tekhne) – once adopted by philosophers to denounce men who worked with their hands, was later redeemed by pragmatists, unifying two concepts – art made through the act of craft.

Following 25 generations of experience, the Mazzei family legacy of quality winemaking is rooted deeply at Il Caggio – we understand that art in its purest form cannot exist without the technique honed by its creators, such as Tommaso, our blacksmith, or Davide, our carpenter.

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Just as man and act work in tandem to transform the highest quality materials into fine creations, so IPSUS is born of the noblest Sangiovese, nurtured first in the vines by mother nature and her humble servants, and then in the very cellar crafted by Il Caggio’s artisan hands. And so the dance continues – craft creating art, and art transforming craftsmanship.

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