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Il Cagg­io is a medieval hamlet in its own unique paradise, surrounded by rolling hills adorned with Sangiovese vines. This is the birthplace of our new wine, and one in complete harmony with its territory that demonstrates distinct provenance and an unforgettable taste.

At the forefront of Italian winemaking, Il Cagg­io is a winery that founds its principles on the natural as well as the modern. The potential of the terroir is maximised thanks to extremely precise vinification methods, with different clones or vineyard plots being vinified separately.

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Il Cagg­io was acquired by our family in 2006, after we recognised the promise of its terroir that borders our first home. Within Il Ca­ggio’s 150 hectares, the real object of our desire was the 6.5 hectares of the heavenly “clos”. These wonderful vines epitomise Il Cagg­io, reflecting the purity and tranquillity of the nature surrounding the hamlet.

Il Cagg­io is situated between 320-350 metres above sea level and has the perfect characteristics to produce a spectacular Sangiovese. The soil is mainly clay schist mixed with calcareous marl and alberese rock fragments, a mix that lends itself perfectly to the indigenous Sangiovese.

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The vineyards have a 150° exposure South-East South-West, with a Mediterranean microclimate. This particular exposure and climate are perfect for the cultivation of outstanding vines, while good ventilation and low humidity help protect against disease.

Since 2006, every vintage of Il Cagg­io has been devoted to revealing its distinctive character, its perfect balance and formidable personality.

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