Noble by nature

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True nobility is natural, real and honest, and the purity of nature is spectacular in its nobility.

Love of the environment and respect for the land, paired with progress in sustainability, come naturally to the Mazzei family.

We have drawn upon over 600 years of experience in growing distinguished Sangiovese to initiate an experimental organic programme focussing on the immune system of the plant, whereby increased immunity is induced through natural means.

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With Il Caggio we built on this even further, pursuing sustainable farming with the objective of guaranteeing the stability of the ecosystem.

Thanks to the woods, vineyards, plantations, olive groves, and cover crops on the estate, Il Caggio absorbs five times more CO2 than it emits. This is complemented by the exclusive use of green manure designed to increase the content of organic substances in the soil, and at the same time enrich the biodiversity of the agroecosystem.

The vineyards comprise ledge-shaped terraces which reduce erosion and are faithful to the heritage of the local landscape.

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