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Size: 6.5 hectare enclave
Altitude: 320 to 350 metres
Exposure: from South-East to South-West (150°)
Plots: Cantina di Sopra, Cantina di Sotto, Pero, Campaccio di Sopra, Campaccio di Sotto, Orto
Climate: Mediterranean, well-ventilated
Soil: clay schist mixed with calcareous marl and alberese rock fragments
Vines: selected Sangiovese clones deriving from half a century of research:
- 4 exclusive Mazzei massal selection
- 3 Chianti Classico selection (2000/1, 2000/5, 2000/7)
- F9, T19
Rootstock: 110R, 420A, 779P, Kober 5BB

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The red stones found in the walls of Il Caggio reflect the soul of Tuscany, and recall Leonardo da Vinci‘s marvellous “sanguigna” (red chalk) drawings.

This unique colour is reflected in the capsule on each bottle of IPSUS, as a tribute to the genius of Il Caggio’s surrounding land.

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